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Short, Sweet & Blue

Updated: 7 days ago

Happy May friends! This will be short and sweet, as with my recent newsletter. I still have a cast on my left wrist, so typing is slow and cumbersome. (Less than 2 weeks to go!) I am naturally a 'wordy' person, especially on the topics that I'm passionate about so short & sweet is a challenge for me, but I will try.

The Blue I reference in the title is The Blue Zones. Have you watched the incredible documentary? We caught it on Netflix a few months ago, and since then have been following Dan Buettner, the National Geographic journalist behind the story. His team traveled the world in search of communities where people not only live longer but also enjoy a high quality of life in their old age. Isn't that what Pro-Aging is all about? If we are going to live a long life, let's keep enjoying it to the fullest.

If you have not watched the 4 part series, I highly recommend checking it out. Even if you have watched it, it's a good idea to check back in and keep the concepts fresh in your mind. You can learn all about it here. Their website is incredible with recipes (OMG I have to try this one!), gorgeous pictures, articles and even a 4-week self starter plan.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you already follow many of the blue

zone practices like a Mediterranean diet, daily activity like lots of stair climbing, squatting, a mostly plant-based diet and friendship. It truly sounds so simple doesn't it? The hard part will be eliminating certain things -- like putting our phones down, less time on the couch, walking to the store instead of jumping in the car. This is something Ian & I do for 3 months every year while in the Yucatan. We walk to 99% of our shopping and outings. We walk 20 min to pickleball, play for 2 hours and then it's a 20 min. walk home. In Burlington our courts are about the same distance, but surprise surprise - more often than not we jump in the car. Likely because it's sitting in the driveway so we don't plan the extra time. This (walking to PB) sounds like a good goal for June, once I get this darned cast off.

Want to do a more detailed "Vitality Assessment"? Go to this link for a 5 minute questionnaire, followed by recommendations as to how you can live better and longer.

Please check out the wisdom from the Blue Zones and try to adopt one new habit this month! I personally, will cut down on the sweets I have been soothing myself with this past few weeks.....😳

Pat xo

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May 06

Pat, I hope you're healing well and can be done with using one hand for everything! That sounds cumbersome.

I remember I started watching that special, but I don't believe I finished it. I, like most people occasionally have bouts of attention deficit disorder. I should go back and finsish this. I do most of what you mentioned, especially the friendship part! ❤️

Pat Birnie
Pat Birnie
7 days ago
Replying to

Hi Suz! I am supposed to get my cast off on Tuesday (broken wrist). Fingers crossed that the X-ray looks good and I can graduate to a splint. I just don’t have time for this! I know you do the friendship part well. Thanks for the comment xo

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