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Lead yourself first

To have an impact on the world and create greatness, we need to first lead our self.  My past 15 years as an entrepreneur has been a journey of leadership.  My desire & vision is to have an impact on the world and make it a better place.  My top core values are family, health, work-life balance.  I had spent 30+ years in the corporate world and felt like I was living in a box.  I lived around their schedule, demands and the few weeks of vacation I'd earned.  Fifteen years ago I put a plan in place to exit the corporate world and design a life that would bring me joy, allow for time freedom.  By creating multiple streams of residual income (that pay me while I sleep, travel and relax by the lake) I was able to achieve this dream.  Today, everything I do helps people in some way - improving their physical or their financial health.  At the same time I've learned how to lead others to accomplish their goals and dreams.  If this sounds like a life that would bring you joy, let's chat!
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