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Beauty is all around us - take a moment to notice and enjoy

Rather than consider resolutions as the New Year comes around, I look for a theme that catches my attention and make a commitment to follow it and live a little better life. One year it was "given the choice of being right or being kind, always choose kind". I LOVED this and it was a skill I needed to work on. I can be a little argumentative and certain about my opinion, but often it really doesn't matter. I don't think I was ever consciously unkind, but I wanted to be right. That year I made the decision to choose kindness first; I'm hoping I have continued with that but a little reminder never hurts does it?

A year or two ago, I read something about finding the beauty in everyday things, and decided to make that a practice. This may have fallen by the wayside, so here I am going public - a great strategy for me. Once I tell people I will do something, I do it! (example: "I am going to do pushups daily" -- I shared this decision 23 months ago and have not missed a day since. Yes, one night I did 5 at 11:57 pm, but I did them!)

The concept of everyday beauty is in perfect alignment with Be Inspired Be Healthy tip #16 - Start every day with positivity. Knowing you will, at some time during the day, take a breath and notice the beauty in something simple in your surroundings, sets up your brain to look for positivity. As Steve Bloom writes, we are bombarded with so much negativity, it can be hard not to become pessimistic. What a beautiful exercise it is to commit to stopping, taking a few breaths and appreciating something simple and lovely. Sometime you need to take a picture, but often just a snapshot in our brain does the trick.

In the past week or two, as I mulled this over I noted the perfect symmetry of rows in a soybean field. Of course enjoying sunset at the dock never ever gets old!

Out for a walk with my sister in a very suburban neighbourhood, we spotted this baby bird running through the grass. I tried not to think of what fate he may have met if he couldn't fly away.

And clouds! Oh my goodness, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't appreciate the beauty of the clouds overhead. They can be stormy or whispy - each is unique in their beauty.

There truly is beauty all around us. Things like a stranger letting us go ahead at the grocery store, someone stopping with a dog to let a child pet it, the freshness of the air after a rain, even a job well done - we can admire our own work! The message here is simple: don't get caught up in the busyness of daily life and the bad news that comes at us every day. Be sure to take a moment each day to find something that makes you feel optimism.

I cannot wrap this up without sharing the most beautiful addition to our lives, our newest grandson Ford (3 days old here).

Do you have a good trick to keep this process front of mind? Perhaps it's part of a gratitude practice? I would so love your tips and tricks!

Happy positivity friends!

Pat xo


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