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No, No, Please Don't Go!

Oh my goodness, well here we are in September! How can it be? All around me people are writing about how wonderful it is that Fall is Here!! It is the real New Year for many - time for a fresh start and all that, but what about the outliers? I mean those people, like me, that love the heat and the sunshine, that want to live in sandals and shorts and enjoy the endless days. This may be the the first time in my life that I've quoted Shakespeare, but this nails it for me.

Even for us retired folks, summer seems to bring with it more time to relax, socialize, of course cottage time and the best ever - swimming in lakes. I LOVE to swim in a lake (or of course, the ocean!) and am so grateful to have a cottage on a beautiful tiny quiet lake. Here's me in my happy happy place:

Well all good things must come to and end, and yes next summer is just a few short months away. I do have many friends that don't tolerate the heat well and cannot wait for fall; many see it as the time for a fresh start and a new year. Back to school; back to more rigid schedules, closed in shoes (sigh). As It is inevitable, and I am in charge of my state of mind, let's make a list of the beautiful things about fall!

  1. In Ontario, September can be very summer-like-- for example the temp today is 31 C so what the heck am I complaining about!

  2. The fall colours! There is nothing quite so spectacular about the unbelievable colour show we get to enjoy in this area. In fact my Calgary son & his lovely partner are coming to visit in October this year, just so she can experience the spectacle of maple trees changing.

  3. Soon, I get to put flannel sheets on my bed, and pull out my cozy robe to lounge in in the evenings.

  4. No more opening the front door to a blast furnace.

  5. Time to pull out all the delicious soup and stew recipes that just aren't so appealing in July.

  6. And finally...I found some really interesting tidbits about fall - what a fascinating season. Did you know leaves don't actually change colour and that people have an instinct to fall in love in the fall? Check out a few more fun fall facts here!

Happy new, almost everyone's favourite season! Pat xo

NB: Ok here's some late breaking news: I've changed my mind! I finished writing, headed outside to do a few things, then came back to proofread before hitting publish. It is SO freakin' hot out there! I am ready for fall and done with this crazy heat!

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Suzanne Stevens
Suzanne Stevens
Sep 07, 2023

I giggled at your post script! 😀

You and I live in different worlds and I’m excited about the end of This Hot Sweat Summer. 😅

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