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Just Breathe - July 5, 2018

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

I developed this strategy today! I arrived for an appointment, found I had left my phone at home and was alone in a room with no reading material.

I REALLY have trouble sitting still and doing nothing, hence my difficulty with adopting a consistent habit of stillness & visualization (something I know I need to do – as it really works!)

So while trapped in the relaxation space I decided to incorporate a few of the strategies I've learned, and try to maintain for 5 minutes. I place both feet flat on the ground, my hands in a relaxed position in my lap and closed my eyes. SO…what happened? I think I was sort of successful? I started deep belly breathing: a slow full inhale through the nose, feeling my belly expand. As I inhaled a made a statement of affirmation. Then as I exhaled fully through my mouth, I stated in my mind what that would bring me.

Clear as mud? Here are a couple of examples you could use, depending on what you would like to manifest:

Inhale: “there is an abundance of wealth in this world”

Exhale: “an unlimited stream of that wealth is flowing my way”

Inhale: “I am confident, strong and resilient”

Exhale: “my business grows daily with new customer and partners”

Inhale: “beautiful whole food is what my body desires for fuel”

Exhale: “I am gently releasing weight and cravings”

BONUS BENEFIT—the Mayo Clinic has stated that “the single best thing you can do to improve health is deep belly breathing”. Most of us take very shallow breaths; while doing this practice, put your hand on your belly and ensure it is fully expanding. This will improve oxygen supply to your body.

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