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Heartwarming, healthy & so so delish!

'The weather outside is frightful,

but the fire is so delightful...."

Wait no - too early for (me) for Christmas carols, but not too early for a cozy heart and body-warming meal. On a gray drizzly day isn't it so wonderful to settle in with a big 'ole bowl of comfort food? I love stews & soups so much - they are generally inexpensive, easy to make, healthy and well-suited to big batch cooking. It truly feeds my soul to put on a podcast and start chopping and stirring. I must admit I'm not truly a creator of recipes; I enjoy reading cookbooks and cooking blogs to get inspired - then I'll put my own touch on a recipe, often determined by what's in the pantry! This amazing recipe from Oh She Glows doesn't disappoint, but then, she never does. I honestly don't believe I've tried an Angela Liddon recipe that I didn't LOVE -- and I've made a lot of them!

Cozy Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato & Red Lentil Stew

Just the gorgeous colours are enough to trigger the taste buds. If you are pressed for time you can buy peeled and chopped squash. Everything else can be chopped, sauteed & simmered in about 30 minutes. The cumin, turmeric family of spices are my absolute fave! I upped the cayenne to give it a bit more heat, and also sprinkled in a little cinnamon. Served over some brown rice, this is truly heaven in a bowl.

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