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Musings on the launch of a website - June 25, 2018

I have been ‘working’ on this for – well, months now. I use the word working somewhat loosely. Yes some aspects were difficult for me but once I motored through the techy stuff (and switched hosts to a more user-friendly choice) it was really the content. I had all this info I wanted to share bumping around in my head but man, a million other things were getting in my way. I just had to string some words together – how hard can that be??!!

Well, apparently harder than I expected. Finally, while out for a run (where I do my best thinking) I got real with myself. I realized that I was just afraid. Afraid that no one would be interested, I’d run out of content, that I wouldn’t be consistent…but mainly no one would care!

How can I let fear get in my way? What I teach is facing your fears and through that, manifesting a life that is greater than you could have ever imagined. I have also learned that when you get uncomfortable it actually raises confidence. This is not ground-breaking news though. It’s pretty mainstream information, with quotes like “The eagle has no fear of adversity. We need to be like the eagle and have a fearless spirit of a conqueror!” (Joyce Meyer) popping up everywhere on social media.

As I wrapped up my run, it became clear to me that I DO have a lot to share. I am (gulp) in my 60’s and have faced and overcome plenty of adversity over the decades. I raised 4 children, was a single parent for several years, have run 19 marathons, hiked across 2 countries and much more. As I approach my 63rd birthday I have plenty of energy, am physically active daily, regularly try new things both physically and mentally and I reinvented my career as I approached age 50.

I believe that a few people out there may be interested in how to maintain a vibrant, active lifestyle as the years go by. Think “reverse aging”. We are all SO busy in our younger years – we deserve the ability to have lots of fun when things quiet down. But, to do this we need a couple of things – we need the financial & physical resources to enjoy the life we dreamed of. So, stay tuned here for lots of ideas & tips on maintaining the BEST health ever, as well as creating multiple streams of residual income. These things are possible – I promise; sometimes you just have to be able to face your fears!

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